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Borg Project


Borg Project Origins

Mid-2017 on a random summer night, I decided to make a code for magnets in 2d games. It eventually evolved into a gravity code for spherical planets. I then spent quite a while programing a player and enemy ai for this environment. I eventually got bored with that because all the surfaces were perfectly round. I wanted non uniform surfaces to traverse. After many trials, I ended up with a solid gravity code that attracts any object to the nearest planetary surface.

The Plan

I eventually wish to publish this to platforms such as Xbox, PS4, and Steam. I have a lot to do before then and what you see here is in no way a final product. I am keeping the game plan a secret for now, but feel free to keep up with the changes that I will document below.

Update 004



How in tarnation do you expect to navigate the stars without a handy spaceship by your side? Not unlike other 2d space games, this one will incorporate boarding ships to take control. The ships are boardable via a portal on the surface of a planet or on the outside of the spaceship if the ship is in deep space. Any object or entity can board any ship so don’t get too comfortable.
Additionally, changes were made to the bomb ability. It now teleports the player upon exploding. A tad more exciting than just a poof, wouldn’t you say?

Update 003


Auditory Feedback

A game without sound lacks a great deal of immersion. To overcome this, I learned how to implement event systems into the animations of the player and spawn sound objects when things happen. Using the website JFXR, I was able to create bubbly robot sounds to better define our little Borg.

Update 002


Power & Health

Further adjustments were made to the health and power codes of the player. The player needs to be resourceful with their power. If they overdraw, they will become overheated/fatigued and be punished with a cooldown period where the player cannot do anything until they cool off. Additionally, the player will take damage from collisions that exceed a threshold. This allows for realistic consequences with moving objects and falling.

Update 001


The Player

Pulling assets I developed in a previous Project, I developed a cleaner version of the player controller and related codes such as health. Unlike the previous project, this one has a purpose and direction. Focusing greatly on character development, I designed and animated the Borg as a playful little robot with a hop in its step.

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